Panda Internet Security

2016 16.1.2

The most complete protection to surf the web


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Panda Platinum Internet Security is a powerful antivirus for professionals specialized on the protection of your system if you use internet and e-mail. This antivirus can destroy all kind of agents: Encrypted, Bootable, Files, Macros, applets Java, Activex controls, etc.

Panda offers you complete protection if you surf th web, destroying viruses and no matter the browser you use (explorer, Netscape, Mozilla,...) and the mail client you use (Outlook, thunderbird, Eudora,...)

Its frequent actualizations through internet make it one of the most effective antivirus.

A complete security solution for business and professionals that will armor plate your PC and your data. It includes protection against virus, hackers, spam, and the rest of menaces in internet.

30 days trial version

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